Home Energy Check-up

Video Call Option: a PNM Energy Specialist will connect with you and guide you through the steps of a Home Energy Checkup. Your chosen package will be delivered directly to your door for you to install. *Requires internet and phone service.

Socially Distanced In-Home Option: One of our specially trained PNM Energy Specialists will do a thorough checkup of your home’s heating and cooling systems, insulation, and appliances. Your PNM Energy Specialist will also install products that will help you start saving energy immediately.

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Home Energy Check-up for income-qualified customers

Program Eligibility: You must be an income-qualified PNM customer living in a single-family home, or multifamily complex with no more than four units.

Rebate Eligibility: You must have a PNM Home Energy Checkup prior to purchasing rebated items.

Refrigerator Eligibility: To qualify for refrigerator replacement, the current model must be a) at least 10 years old and not an ENERGY STAR model or b) at least 12 years old and an ENERGY STAR model.