Learn about your energy use so you can manage it better.

When you get a PNM Home Energy Checkup, one of our specially trained PNM Energy Ambassadors will spend about an hour and a half in your home and will provide you with a customized report on your home’s energy performance.

You’ll receive energy-efficient products to start saving energy immediately, and you may qualify for rebates. Using the options below, you can tailor your PNM Home Energy Checkup to best fit your needs and maximize your savings.

When you schedule your PNM Home Energy Checkup, you will receive a package of energy-saving items to help you save energy throughout your home. Your PNM Energy Ambassador will install these for you on the day of your appointment. The PNM Energy Ambassador will also review your personalized home energy report with you, sharing how you can save and what PNM rebates you can take advantage of.


PNM Home Energy Checkup Packages

New and improved program options are coming in Spring 2020. Please check back or call 1-855-775-6491 with questions. 

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