Saving energy and money is easy with rebates from PNM!

PNM offers rebates and incentives to help with purchasing more efficient appliances, air conditioning systems and insulation. To learn which energy smart upgrades are right for your home, and collect available rebates:

1. Schedule a PNM Home Energy Checkup A professional Energy Specialist will advise you on your home’s energy efficiency, including what rebates you qualify for.

2. Purchase and install qualified equipment If you need help installing, click here to find a PNM Home Energy Trade Ally in your area. Be sure to keep your receipt.

3. Submit : You can submit forms by completing a paper rebate form and submitting by email, postal mail, or fax

       a. To receive a paper rebate form please call us at (855) 775-6491 or email us at

PNM Home Energy Checkup Rebates*

ENERGY STAR® Certified Refrigerator** (PDF)

$125 rebate

ENERGY STAR Certified Freezer (PDF)

$50 rebate

ENERGY STAR Certified Clothes Washer (PDF)

$75 rebate

ENERGY STAR Certified Clothes Dryer (PDF)

$75 rebate

ENERGY STAR Certified Dishwasher (PDF)

$50 rebate

ENERGY STAR Certified Air Purifier (PDF)

$50 rebate

ENERGY STAR® Heat Pump Water Heater (PDF)

$300 rebate

Air Conditioning Early Retirement** (PDF)

$400 rebate

Refrigerated A/C Tune Up (PDF)

$50 rebate

Attic/Ceiling Insulation (PDF)

(5% for Evaporative Cooling, 10% for Refrigerated Air Conditioning)

5–10% rebate

Smart Thermostat (PDF)

$50 rebate

* To be eligible for appliance rebates, a PNM Home Energy Checkup is required prior to appliance purchases. All rebates are subject to terms and conditions. Please allow 6–8 weeks for receipt of rebate check.

** Limit two refrigerator and air conditioning rebates per PNM residential electric customer account. The purchase must be made within six months after the completion of the PNM Home Energy Checkup, and the claim must be received by PNM no later than seven months following completion of the Home Energy Checkup. Refrigerated air conditioning rebate amount is dependent on the efficiency level of the entire system installed, and eligibility is based on replacement of equipment that is SEER 13 or less.

PNM customers are eligible to get rebates from PNM when they purchase and install eligible insulation, ENERGY STAR® certified appliances and/or efficient cooling equipment (the “Energy Conservation Measure”). Insulation, appliances and/or cooling equipment for which a rebate is requested must be in new, unused condition. This rebate is good for purchases made within six months after the completion of the PNM Home Energy Checkup, or while rebate funds are available for this program. Limit one rebate for insulation, one rebate for each type of ENERGY STAR appliance per PNM residential electric account and two cooling rebates per PNM residential electric customer account. Complete Terms and Conditions (PDF).