Do you rent?

Renters who live in an apartment complex with four units or fewer qualify for the PNM Home Energy Checkup. Talk with your property manager about the benefits and, with his or her consent, you can start saving energy and money right away. If they are onboard, schedule your PNM Home Energy Checkup here and don’t forget to download and complete this property manager consent form that is needed before you can get started with your Home Energy Checkup!

Do you live in a complex that contains more than four units?

Thank you for your interest in making your apartment more energy efficient. We encourage you to check out our energy saving tips for apartment living to find ways to save money and energy. We are unable to schedule an individual appointment, but we would like to work with your property manager and schedule energy efficiency upgrades for everyone in your complex. If you would like us to talk to your property manager/owner on how to make your complex more energy efficient, contact us at